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Select Commercial specializes in motel mortgage loans and motel financing. Hospitality lending requires a lender that really understands and specializes in lending to motel owners. Most conventional lenders do not have this particular expertise and reject motel mortgage requests. Select Commercial has a special expertise in providing motel loans. We will finance “flagged” or “branded” motels, and even “non-flagged” independent motels. We will provide acquisition financing, refinances, and even property improvement loans in order to finance furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF+E). We will finance property improvements in order to allow a motel owner to “re-brand” or “switch flags”. We finance motels located in urban, suburban and vacation areas. We will consider loans on seasonal properties, as well. Many other lenders will not consider seasonal motels in vacation area locations. Let us help you purchase, refinance or improve your motel with motel financing from Select Commercial’s motel division! Our minimum loan size is $1,500,000.

Our Commercial Real Estate Loan Benefits

• Commercial real estate loans for motels
• No upfront application or processing fees
• Simplified application process
• Up to 90% financing available
• Terms and amortizations up to 25 years
• Loans for purchase and refinance, including cash-out
• 24 hour written pre-approvals with no cost and no obligation

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Motel Loan Outlook for 2024

The real estate market continues to evolve, and the outlook for motel loans in 2024 is influenced by various factors including economic conditions, consumer behavior, and changes in commercial lending practices. Motels, with their typically lower costs compared to larger hotels, are gaining renewed interest from both travelers and investors.

One of the significant trends in 2024 is the increasing demand for affordable travel accommodations. With the ongoing economic recovery, more people are looking for budget-friendly travel options, making motels an attractive choice. This trend is further bolstered by the rise of domestic travel as people explore closer-to-home vacation spots.

Commercial mortgage rates for motel loans in 2024 remain competitive. While interest rates have seen some adjustments due to the Federal Reserve's efforts to manage inflation, they are still relatively low by historical standards. This environment is favorable for investors looking to finance motel properties. Lenders are cautiously optimistic, focusing on businesses that demonstrate strong recovery and profitability.

Securing attractive financing terms for motels will depend significantly on the location, occupancy rates, and overall financial health of the property. Motels situated in high-demand tourist areas or along major travel routes are more likely to receive favorable loan terms. Conversely, properties in less trafficked areas may face challenges in obtaining financing.

The trend of motels incorporating additional amenities to attract a broader audience is also gaining momentum. Many motels are upgrading their facilities to include features such as high-speed internet, modern room decor, and enhanced security measures. These improvements not only attract more guests but also make the properties more appealing to lenders.

The adaptability of motels has been a key factor in their resilience. During the pandemic, many motels managed to stay open by offering contactless check-ins and adhering to strict hygiene protocols. This adaptability has continued to be an asset in 2024 as motels find innovative ways to meet the evolving needs of travelers.

Overall, the outlook for motel loans in 2024 is positive, with continued opportunities for investors to leverage competitive commercial mortgage rates and reinvest in their properties. However, careful consideration of market conditions, location, and financial health is essential to maximize the benefits of securing a motel loan in the coming year.