Commercial Mortgage Loans that Select Commercial is Actively Closing

Select Commercial, a nationwide leader in commercial mortgage loans and apartment building lending, is pleased to announce that we are actively lending and closing loans. Some of our loan programs are as follows:

Apartment building loans
– We are actively lending from $750,000 and up on all types of apartment buildings.

Owner occupied real estate – Business owners who own their property or are looking to acquire a business property are finding great rates at Select Commercial with LTV ratios up to 90% (and maybe even higher!)

Commercial mortgage loans – Multitenant and investor properties, including office, retail, warehouse, industrial and self-storage.

Special use properties – We are not afraid of motels, gas stations, bowling alleys, and other special use properties that many lenders shy away from.

Properties that are not fully rented – We have many programs geared towards owners of properties where the property is not currently stabilized due to vacancies or those in need of tenant improvements.

Credit/income problems – We do not automatically reject applicants due to credit or income which is less than perfect. If the deal otherwise make sense, we will look past temporary setbacks.

About Select Commercial
Select Commercial offers a very simplified application process with no upfront application fees and no processing fees. We will discuss you loan request with you during our initial phone conversation and have you provide some basic information about the property and the borrower. Written pre-approvals are generally provided within 24 hours with no absolutely cost or obligation. We always offer professional service with excellent rates and terms.

Select Commercial is focused on providing the best commercial mortgage loans for each client’s needs. All details of the commercial mortgage lending process are meticulously managed from the beginning of the loan process to closing. We’ve worked hard to earn the reputation we’ve established with our clients and continue to look for ways to improve our service. We advise each individual client and try to find the perfect solution for his or her needs. How do we find the perfect solution?  We identify and screen lenders that best suit the needs of the client and ensure their ability to close on the terms provided.

About Our President, Stephen A. Sobin
Stephen A. Sobin is the President and Founder of Select Commercial Funding LLC.  Mr. Sobin has over 30 years’ experience in mortgage lending.  Mr. Sobin is the past president of the mortgage lending division of a federally chartered Federal Savings Bank. He founded Select Commercial to provide commercial mortgage loans to his clients nationwide.

You can check out our commercial real estate loan rates here. Then use our commercial mortgage calculator to determine your monthly principal and interest payment.