Freddie Mac Seasoned Loan Pool Credit Enhancement Loans

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Freddie Mac Multifamily Loan

The Freddie Mac Seasoned Loan Pool Credit Enhancement program provides flexible and cost-effective financing options for small financial institutions looking to achieve a loss sharing arrangement with Freddie Mac. This program provides loss sharing options to small financial institutions so they can continue to grow and support affordable housing. Freddie Mac will underwrite the entire pool of seasoned loans and then offer credit protection for a senior position in the loan pool.

Freddie Mac Seasoned Loan Pool Credit Enhancement Loan Highlights

Eligible Customer: Must be either a small financial institution or community bank that has less than $10 billion in assets


Pool Size: $100 million or greater UPB


Collateral: Pool must contain small balance multifamily loans and loans secured by apartment buildings with 9% LIHTC. These loans must have been originated at least one year before the transaction closing date


Structure: Freddie Mac offers flexible structure by customizing the level of credit support for each pool


First-Loss: Customer must maintain a first-loss position in the loan pool


Freddie Mac Guarantee: Through this program, Freddie Mac enters into an agreement in which they will accept responsibility for a senior tranche of credit risk of a particular loan pool. While loans must remain on the customers balance sheet, the credit risk is shared between the customer and Freddie Mac


  • Loans below $1,500,000 have allowance of 60% LTV
  • Loans above $1,500,000 have allowance of 80% LTV


  • Loans below $1,500,000 must meet DSCR of 1.50x
  • Loans above $1,500,000 must meet DSCR of 1.20x


Term: Open to any loan term


Amortization: 30 years


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